So Good, They'll Beg For More!

With Rosemary And Lowfat Cheddar Cheese Picky Dogs Like Our Treats, Too! A Whole Sweet Potato Baked Into Every Batch With Mint and Parsley With Dog-Friendly Carob
Our Mission: Your Dog's Good Health Through All-Natural, Healing Foods

Hi, I'm Liz Sommers. Here at Beggles Dog Treats we believe in the power of nutritious foods, like whole grains and healing herbs and spices, to keep your dog healthy and full of energy.

In each of our hand-crafted treats, we combine a food that dogs love, like peanut butter or cheese, with a healthy dose of healing foods, like heart-healthy oats or flaxseed, and healing spices like rosemary or turmeric, just to name a few.

You and your dog can both feel good about our treats - you'll have peace of mind knowing our treats are made with healthy and wholesome ingredients, and your dog will love the flavors!

Also on our site you can find helpful information on healing foods and natural remedies, pet allergies, and even dog treat recipes to try yourself at home.

Plus, a percentage of every purchase of our dog treats and accessories supports local shelters in their life-saving work.

Treats so good, they'll beg for more!

Wishing you, and your dog, happy eating and better health,

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We don't use artificial preservatives. Our treats are preserved with vitamin E.

The Beggles News Corner

Good news! We can now be found at:

Off The Vine Market

312 Lightfoot Road, Suite K

Williamsburg, VA 23188

Come visit this unique shop which offers farm-fresh local fare, including organic and sustainably grown foods, health and wellness workshops, and more.

Enjoy your visit here, and if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to contact me using the Contact Us link above.

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