Antioxidants In Dog Treats Have Added Benefits

Natural Antioxidants That Are Good For Dogs

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The Benefit of Good Health

Antioxidants in dog treats can benefit your dog, just as eating antioxidant-rich foods can benefit us.

There are harmful molecules called free-radicals that can build up in our bodies as a result of air pollution, infection, stress, and well, just life in general. These free-radicals can do damage to our cells, leading to cancer, arthritis, and quicker aging.1

Antioxidants protect our cells from these free-radicals, and adding antioxidants to your next batch of dog treats can help protect your dog's good health.

A Natural Food Preservative

Another great benefit to antioxidants in dog treats is that they're natural preservatives and keep food fresher for longer!

Without preservative, a typical batch of baked treats is going to have a shelf-life of about 7 weeks. But by adding preservative you can extend the life of your treats several months longer.

Two antioxidants in particular, vitamin E and rosemary oil, are used in many all-natural dog treats to preserve their freshness for longer.

When fats in food become oxidized, they turn rancid and start to lose their nutritional value. Antioxidants can greatly slow this process.

There are both artificial and natural types of preservatives. While artificial preservatives, such as BHA and BHT, can extend the shelf-life of food longer than natural preservatives, their impact on health is controversial.

Dog food manufacturers, whose food typically contains a high amount of soluble fat, must put in more preservative to match the greater the amount of fat in the food.

Since a higher amount of artificial preservative has been found to be carcinogenic, manufacturers put in the amount they believe is safe. But there are questions about what amount is actually safe.2

With natural preservatives, you don't have to guess about safety and impact on health.

Antioxidants in dog treats are a great way to make your treats last longer and give your pet a health boost.


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