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Helping Local Shelters

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The main objective of Beggles Dog Treats is to donate a percentage of profits to local pet shelters in the areas of Richmond and Williamsburg, VA.

We want to give back to the animal shelters that took such good care of our dogs while they waited for a home.

I realize that many pets are not as lucky as ours to be rescued and we want to do what we can to give homeless pets a chance to find loving homes while under the care of some of the wonderful animal shelters in our community.

our rescued dogs Ash and Maggie are best friends, and are both rescue dogs

Going Wheat-Free

Another goal of Beggles is to educate people about wheat-free diets, and the importance of recognizing if your dog is suffering from a grain allergy.

I was diagnosed several years ago with celiac disease, an auto-immune disorder where your immune system attacks the body in response to consuming wheat.

This will lead to all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, which can leave you feeling miserable unless you are lucky enough to diagnose the problem.

Since learning that dogs can develop this disease at any point in their lives, just as people can, I wanted to do something to help our four-legged friends who cannot speak for themselves.

Any dog will enjoy our flavorful treats, and dogs who are on a wheat-free diet can enjoy our treats as a supplement to their diet!

Our Bakery

My husband and I run the bakery from the kitchen of our home, where we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness. We maintain a totally wheat-free kitchen (no wheat flour here, thank you very much).

my home kitchen bakery Our bakery is our kitchen for now

Our two dogs anxiously await the next batch to come out of the kitchen so that they can taste-test them.

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