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a handmade cat toy catnip boss is lots of fun!

Catnip Boss Refill

Don't let the fun stop...

Get a Catnip Boss refill pocket, stuffed with 4 oz. of quality catnip!

If your cat is one of those "fishing" kitties who likes to throw everything in the water-bowl and then drag it back out again soaking wet, there is the option to purchase a new "pocket" to replace one that gets soggy once too often or loses its freshness. 

This hand-sewn cotton damask pocket is full of quality catnip and inserts easily into the Catnip Boss toy!

Simply open the Catnip Boss toy by loosening the grosgrain ribbon from the brass grommet, remove the old pocket, and replace it with the new one!

This item ships in 1-5 business days.

$4.00 USD

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