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catnip boss! catnip boss is lots of fun!

Catnip Boss

The catnip toy for maximum feline JOY

Are you ready to get your FRISK on?

This hand-sewn cat toy is made from all-natural materials: the rough silk outer shell has an inner cotton pocket stuffed with 4 grams of heady catnip goodness!

The toy-maker talks about the materials that she chose...

"The strength of silk is common knowledge but we often take it for granted in this world of synthetic materials. Silk is what parachutes and medical sutures are made of and scientists are experimenting with the application of silk in body armor! I picked silk as the best choice for standing-up to kitty claw power and living to tell the tale.

AND.... Silk is a natural breathable material that is easily cleaned with a gentle washing. Why inflict nasty synthetic materials (made of goodness-knows-what) on your cat's sensitive palette? The catnip toys seen most often on the shelves of pet shops usually have "made-in-china" on the label and the materials/content feel (and smell) sketchy to me."

I grow the Catnip in my backyard gardens and flowerbeds, I KNOW where it comes from! The harvested dried buds and leaves (4 grams) go into a cotton damask pod that is inserted into the SILK outer shell. Easily removed! You can wash the outer shell when the build-up of kitty drool and spit gets to the yucky stage.

Then the grosgrain ribbon is attached through the brass (or aluminum) grommet for the games to begin....the ribbon is strong and long (68") for plenty of "fling-ability"

This item ships in 1-5 business days.

$8.75 USD

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