Common Dog Allergies

dog scratching itch

Does your dog ever bite and lick at himself until you just think you might go crazy with the noise of it? Chances are, something in his environment is making him very uncomfortable.

Just like a person, your dog's system can become sensitive to irritants in his environment.

Since your dog can't speak for himself, it's up to you to educate yourself on common dog allergies and try to eliminate what's causing your dog's distress.


The most common allergen in dogs is fleas. It's interesting to note that it's not the bites themselves that cause the allergy, but the saliva left behind on your dog's skin. This can cause uncontrollable itching and biting at the legs, tail, and abdomen.

The most simple and common remedy here(and often the most expensive) is a trip to the drugstore for some anti-flea medication. Just check that the solution itself isn't worse than the allergy. Some medications are designed only to kill fleas and can be hard on your dog's system with harsh chemicals.


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Inhalant Allergies

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The second most common allergy in dogs are inhalant allergies. The main symptom here is uncontrollable sneezing.

Did you know that dogs are also sensitive to tree pollen? High pollen counts in the spring and fall can mean that your long walks will leave your dog sneezing.

Other common inhalant allergens are cigarette smoke, dust, harsh cleaners, plastic, perfumes, and rubber.

The solution here is an avoidance test, where the possible offender is removed to see if the symptoms go away. Have you noticed your dog sneezing after you gave them a new plastic toy? To check if it's the plastic, take the toy away for a few days. (You should substitute another fun toy in the meantime).

Food Allergies

After fleas and inhalant allergies, food allergies are the third most common allergy in dogs. With the fillers that some manufacturers use in their dog food, it's not unusual that dog food allergies are common. Symptoms here are gastro-intestinal distress, skin itching, and chronic ear infections.

The solution is to try an elimination diet, where different possible offenders are removed and then slowly re-introduced into the diet.

Learn more about food allergies here.

dog food bowl

It's really up to you to do some investigative work to see if your dog is suffering from one of the common dog alleriges, since they can't let you know their precise symptoms and pains.

But by narrowing down the culprits with an elimination diet or avoidance test, you should eventually find the problem and will both be able to 'breath easier.'

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