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Welcome To Our Dog Bakery. Inside You'll Find...

Fresh Treats Made With Quality Ingredients.

beggles dog treats in the dehydrator

Beggles Dog Treats are made with the finest flours, fresh eggs, and wholesome and healing herbs and spices. See more on our ingredients here.

When you order from us, we make your treats fresh so dogs can enjoy them fresh! Your order will be shipped directly after baking.

Our treats are dehydrated to have a low moisture content (guaranteed to be less than 10%), so they'll have plenty of crunch and are preserved naturally.

They can be left in their original packaging for several days and then should be put in an airtight container to maintain their freshness.

A Clean and Allergy-Friendly Environment.

Our bakery is an allergy-friendly zone, and our treats are made without wheat, corn, or soy.

Our oat flour is low-gluten, so if your dog must be strictly gluten-free or has any other dietary concerns, contact us so that we can create treats for you using gluten-free oat flour.

A 100% Guarantee of Freshness and Quality.

sheet tray with carob coconut cookies

Our customers, both two-legged and four-legged, are our top priority.

We have a 100% guarantee of Freshness and Quality. If either of these is not to your expectations, we'll refund the full purchase amount.

Sometimes you'll find that a dog does not like a particular flavor, so be sure your dog likes the treat flavor before ordering, because we can't refund the purchase price in that situation.

But we will send you a complimentary small sample of another of our treats in the hopes that your dog will like it.

Try our treats today!




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