Melting Carob Chips

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Carob has a lower fat content than chocolate, so it requires more care to melt without drying it out.

I was so frustrated the first time I tried to melt carob, that I almost never tried it again.

But don't give up! Carob makes a great icing for all kinds of desserts, as well as a great dog treats coating. Just follow the steps below for melting carob chips, and you'll have success!

If you want to reward your dog with a sweet treat, try our Carob Coconut Cookies, made with carob chips.

The Stove-Top Method

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carob chips unmelted Pour chips into a double-boiler set on medium heat. If you don't have a double-boiler, you can set an oven-safe bowl on top of a pot of water. Make sure that the steam has somewhere to vent from the bottom pot. (*Images show the 'bowl on top of pot of boiling water' option.)

carob chips dry and pasty After 5-10 minutes, begin to mash the chips with a wooden spoon. The carob chips will begin to break down and the consistency will be very dry and pasty.

carob chips with water added Per cup of carob chips, add 1/2 cup water, and for a glossy appearance, add 1 tsp canola oil or Paramount Crystals. For dipping dog treats or other treats, you want the carob to have a thin consistency, so you can add more or less water, depending on your needs.

carob chips melted Stir constantly, and you should soon get a creamy consistency.

*Tip: Carob does not stand up to reheating, so you should make only enough to use at that particular time.

Happy Decorating!

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