Sweet Paw-tato Bites

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sweet paw-tato bites

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A whole sweet potato baked into every batch! These crunchy treats have the tantalizing taste of peanut butter combined with wholesome oats and antioxidant-rich sweet potatos.

These treats are perfect for training, taking along on walks, or just handing out as a delicious snack.

When you order from Beggles Dog Treats we make your items fresh so dogs can enjoy them fresh!

Your order is guaranteed to be shipped directly after baking. Please allow an extra day for shipment on orders placed on the weekend or holidays.

We have a 100% guarantee of Freshness and Quality. If either of these is not to your expectations, we'll refund the full purchase amount. Sometimes you'll find that a dog does not like a particular flavor, so be sure your dog likes the biscuit flavors before ordering, because we can't refund the purchase price in that situation. But we will send you a complimentary small sample of another of our treats in the hopes that your dog will like it.

These treats are dehydrated to have a low moisture content, so they'll have plenty of crunch. They can be left in their original packaging for several days and then should be put in an airtight container to maintain their freshness.

For treats, shipment will be within 3 days of purchase. If an order is placed on a weekend or holiday, please allow one extra day for shipping. I'll ship via USPS first class mail within the United States.


Rice flour, oat flour*, sweet potato puree, peanut butter, flaxseed, baking powder, yogurt icing (natural yogurt, maltodextrins, corn starch, guar gum), vitamin E with mixed tocopherols(a natural preservative)

*Oat flour not guaranteed gluten-free

Guaranteed Analysis

$7.50 / 8 oz. bag

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